DARK #15 stamping plate

Plot designs give the manicure a unique style, and are done instantly. Sliders, stamping and foil for impressions are the most common ways to quickly decorate nails with interesting patterns, without resorting to the skills of an artist.

The technology of using a plate for stamping Dark No. 15:
  1. Carry out a standard nail coating procedure g el-lakom. Do not cover with a top.
  2. Choose the required print on the plate and apply  paint, gel or varnish for stamping to the selected area, completely filling the engraving.
  3. li>Use a scraper remove excess paint.
  4. For one second press the stamp to the plate (the drawing will be transferred to the stamp).
  5. Now transfer the drawing from the stamp to nail. To do this, press the  stamp with the pattern to the nail for one second and remove it.
  6. Cover the finished design top.
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