Zola Laminating glue Lami Balm Orange, 30 g

Glue without glue Zola Lami Balm Orange 30 ml
Lami Balm is a must-have tool for master lamimakers, which provides moisture and nourishment to eyelashes during the procedure!
The innovative development of the brand fixes the eyelashes on the rollers and creates the same effect of the perfect Instagram layout!

  • Simplification of the process of laying eyelashes on the roller and lack of complete fixation, which makes correction possible.
  • Reduction of procedure time due to ease of use and perfect laying.
  • The absence of a film, which allows the laminating composition to freely penetrate into the hollows of the hairs.
  • The absence of the effect of gluing the upper and lower eyelashes.
  • Nourishment and moisturizing of the eyelashes thanks to coconut oils, thanks to coconut, olive and jojoba oils and vitamin E.
  • Hamelis extract softens the hairs and gives the product additional astringent properties.
  • The presence of two pleasant colors and aromas in the range (orange with the aroma of orange and pink with the aroma of fruits).

Volume: 30 ml

Volume: 30 g