BEST eyelash extension glue, setting time 0.5-1 sec., 5ml, SCULPTOR

This glue combines excellent speed and high plasticity even under capricious conditions.Professionalglue for eyelash extensions SCULPTORBEST is perfect for use by lash makers whose movements are precise and precise.
The preparation can be worked at a moderate pace, as it has high elasticity and an adhesion time of 0.5 to 1 second. The tool has a black pigment and a liquid consistency, and is universal.
BEST stable eyelash glue will ensure that the extension wears up to 7-8 weeks.
With the drug, you can create any desired effects on the eyes of clients - classic, voluminous, including the use of ready-made bundles.
The special formula of the product allows it to work effectively in any microclimate, ensuring perfect adhesion of natural hairs to artificial material.
SCULPTOR BEST is exactly the black eyelash glue that is indispensable for the extension procedure in the summer. It is ideal for use in the temperature range from +18 to +26°C with air humidity of 40-70%.

Volume: 5 ml