Tweezers for eyelash extension #09, SCULPTOR

Selection, separation of eyelashes.

Straight tweezers are an auxiliary tool. Most often, it is located in the master's left hand (left-handed - right-handed) and is designed to highlight and distribute eyelashes. Sculptor has released as many as four straight tweezers. They differ in shape, weight and hardness (some are harder, some are softer).

Made of Japanese stainless steel, surgical grade type J1. This material undergoes chemical and thermal sterilization well. All tweezers have sharp, sticky tips that sharply separate and loosen the bundles. And thanks to manual sharpening, they hold a large number of eyelashes.


 - Made of high-quality Japanese stainless surgical steel type J1.

 - Suitable for chemical and thermal sterilization.

 - Have sharp and sticky tips.

 - Differ in shape so that every craftsman can choose for the perfect tweezers.

 - Manual sharpening.