DNKa' Jelly Gel #0006 Idol


DNKa' Jelly Gel is a strong, hard gel with a viscous consistency. Ideal for correction and extension of nails, for restoration, strengthening of the square and repair of broken corners. It perfectly holds a complex shape before polymerization, which allows you to easily adjust the shape of the nail. During modeling, it remains stationary, which makes it possible to work with several nails at the same time.

Technology of application
  • 1) Conduct standard nail preparation: preliminary coating, buff the surface, give the nails the desired shape and perform a manicure.
  • 2) Apply DNKa' Ultrabond — an acid-free primer for additional adhesion.
  • 3) Apply a layer of DNKa' Rubber with rubbing movements / Fiber Base. Polymerize in a UV lamp - 1 min., LED / hybrid lamp - 30 seconds.
  • 4) Apply the selected DNKa' gel-jelly, perform extension or reconstruction, and dry it in a UV lamp - 90 sec. , in a Led/hybrid lamp – 60 sec.
  • 5) Dust;
  • 6) Apply top coat DNKa' and dry in a UV lamp – 90 sec, in a Led/hybrid lamp - 60 sec.

Color: Cold light brown

Volume: 15 ml