Gel polish Kira Nails No. 099 (pink-lilac, enamel), 6 ml

Kira Nails
The main palette of Kira Nails  is gel polishes in shades from gentle translucent pastels to bright neon colors with a glossy shine.
Gel polish has a texture that allows it not to spread and do not flow onto rollers and cuticle. Preserves color and stability during the entire wearing period, protects nails from external influences.
Features of Kira Nails gel polishes:
  • due to the consistency, the gel polish does not spread;
  • lays flat, without lumps and gaps;
  • compatible with products of other brands;
  • gives nails a bright shine;
  • various palette of shades able to satisfy the color preferences of any girl.
Technology of applying Kira Nails series gel polish:
  • Make a hygienic manicure. Remove the lipid layer from the surface of the nail plate with a buff.
  • Degrease the nails with a special product.
  • Apply a primer.
  • Apply a base coat, dry in a lamp.< /li>
  • Cover the nails with the selected shade from the Kira Nails palette, dry in a  lamp. Apply 1-2 layers depending on the desired density.
  • After polymerization, apply the top, dry in a lamp.
  • Remove the sticky layer with the help of a special liquid, wetting a lint-free cloth with it napkin.

Color: Pink-lilac

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Density: Dense

Type: Gel polish