Siller Sugar gel 06, 15 ml


Siller Sugar gel is an ideal material for creative nail designs, which gives unparalleled shine and richness of colors.

Its thick but medium-viscosity consistency allows it to be easily applied to the nail plate, ensuring flawless uniformity and intensity of color.

This collection of glitter impresses with its variety: different shapes and the size of small particles of glitter add an unpredictable character and originality to your design. Multi-colored glitter plays in the light, creating exciting visual effects.

Despite its impressive appearance, Sugar gel has a soft texture, making it the perfect choice for creating incredible designs. However, it should be noted that this material is not suitable for building up and strengthening the nail plate. It is intended exclusively for creative ideas and decorative manicures

To achieve the best result, we recommend using a rubber base. Applying Sugar ge is a real skill: with the help of a brush, apply glitter to the prepared nail plate in 1-2 thin layers, possibly covering the entire surface of the nail or creating a partial design as you wish.

After application, to fix the design, subject Sugar ge to polymerization for 60 seconds. After that, to ensure longevity and shine, we recommend covering the surface with a fixative and drying it thoroughly.

Manufacturer: Germany

Type: Gel polish