Hard Base Siller Professional, 30 ml


Hard Base Siller Professional – New highly adhesive base for manicure, which provides flawless results for 4-5 weeks!

? Are you looking for an ideal manicure base that guarantees durability and longevity? Introducing Hard Base Siller Professional - an innovative product that will emphasize your beauty and style!

? Features of Hard Base:

? The highly adhesive formula provides reliable adhesion to the nail plate, which guarantees the longevity of the manicure.

? It is suitable for all types of nail plate, except the injured one, and will be an excellent reinforcement for soft materials.

⏱ Provides fast polymerization at a low temperature of the lamp, which saves your time .

? Thanks to Hard Base, your manicure will become extremely stable and long-lasting. Now you can enjoy flawless results for 4-5 weeks without any worries!

?‍? Designed specifically for professionals and those who value quality and reliability. Hard Base Siller Professional is your reliable assistant in creating a perfect manicure!

? Discover the secret of durability and beauty with Hard Base Siller Professional!

Color: transparent

Manufacturer: Germany

Volume: 30 ml

Base type: Hard base

Type: Base