Ceramic cutter for removing material with a green notch "corn"

Manufacturer: China
A feature of ceramic cutters  is their surface, which has a very heterogeneous structure, thanks to which the skin treatment process pleases with uniformity and an exceptionally smooth result.< br />A milling cutter for processing large surfaces:  removing artificial material from nails, removing corns, surface calluses, etc.
Ceramic milling cutters#nbsp ;can be washed and disinfected.

Care for ceramic mills:
It is safer to store nozzles in a special stand that closes. It is necessary to wash and clean the cutters  after each use. To clean ceramic and carbide cutters  use special brass brushes or ordinary brushes with a stiffer pile. Cleaning of any cutters is done quickly and qualitatively in an ultrasonic cleaner. They must be sterilized and disinfected before use. green - hardblue - medium hardnessred  - softer