Nippers for leather SMART 30 7 mm

Professional manicure tools should be perfect in every sense: have impeccable functionality, convenience and a stylish design that emphasizes the image. above the criteria. With the help of such nippers, you can quickly, effectively and painlessly treat the skin around the nail, adding beauty and well-groomed manicure. The NS-30-7  model is designed specifically for professionals who prefer to use miniature cutting blades of 7  mm in their work.
Features of STALEKS PRO SMART 30 NS-30-7 nippers:
  • made from the same grade of steel used to manufacture medical instruments. This material is distinguished by high indicators of hardness and resistance to the formation of rust;
  • quite compact, thanks to which the cutting overview is improved;
  • miniature working edges allow you to cut the cuticle and the skin around the nail plates without problems;
  • manual sharpening  blades guarantee a perfect cut without chewing and, as a result, the absence of wounds and burrs;
  • heat treatment in a special furnace improves the strength of the tool and thus ensures its durability;< /li>
  • equipped with a spring, due to which the stroke becomes soft and smooth;
  • reliable fixation of elements ensures complete absence of backlash.
With Staleks Pro nippers  Smart 30 NS-30-7 the process of processing the cuticle will be pleasant for both the nail master and the client.