Pedicure disk PODODISC STALEKS PRO M complete with a replaceable file 180 grit 5 pcs (20 mm)

Extended pedicure disc-base Staleks PRO Pododisc designed for hardware pedicure. Its extended 37 mm leg allows the disc to be used in vacuum cleaners.
The disc-base makes the skin and toenail care procedure less tiring, both for the master and the client. Excellent for processing the entire surface of the foot, local calluses on the heels, copes with roughened skin of the fingers.
The use of interchangeable  disposable abrasives makes the procedure safe and hygienic.
Features of the pedicure disk - basics of Staleks PRO Pododisc PDLset-20:
  • extended leg 37 mm;
  • unique design with holes does not break the handle of the device;
  • reduction of foot heating during operation thanks to drop-shaped holes;
  • disinfects with special means;
  • sterilizes in a drying cabinet and autoclave;
  • increases hygiene and safety of the procedure;
  • allows to increase the speed of pedicure;
  • made of high-quality stainless steel.

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Appointment: for a pedicure

PODOdisk size: 20 mm