Professional cuticle scissors for left-handed EXPERT 11 TYPE 1 (18 mm)


SE-11/1  Professional cuticle scissors (for left-handed people)
There are many left-handed people among the masters of the nail industry. The Expert 1 series of manicure scissors was created specifically for the convenience of such masters. In ordinary manicure scissors, the upper blade is on the right. This arrangement of the blades creates an uncomfortable position for the left hand, which leads to rapid fatigue of the master and poor quality work.
Key features of EXPERT 11 series manicure scissors
  1. Special design designed for left-handed people.< /li>
  2. The shape of the working part is curved.
  3. The presence of a sample between the handles.
  4. Polished back surface of the blades.
Advantages of using manicure scissors for left-handed people SE-11/1
Thanks to its design, the SE-11/1 left-handed scissors fit comfortably in the hand and allow the craftsman to work for a long time without feeling any fatigue or discomfort. The mirror-inverted blades of the tool provide a good view of the cut line, which contributes to the maximum quality removal of the cuticle.
The rounded tips of the scissors make it possible to work in places where it is impossible to do with ordinary straight scissors, and also prevent mechanical damage to the nail plate.
The polished back surface of the blades of the SE-11/1 professional manicure scissors for the cuticle contributes to a soft and smooth movement of the blades, as well as their tight closing. Due to less friction of the working parts, the sharpening of the tool lasts longer.
Manicure scissors for cuticles are made of 40X13 steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion. And the manual sharpening of the cutting part of the scissors extends their service life.
With professional manicure scissors for cuticles SE-11/1 from Staleks, all the problems of left-handed nail masters are a thing of the past!

Manufacturer: Ukraine