ZOLA Degreaser, 250 ml

Degreaser  for ZOLA eyebrows
Brow degreaser with the effect of healing and moisturizing the skin. Intended for effective and gentle cleaning of hair and skin from cosmetics and sebum. Contributes to more even coloring and a stable   result.

How to use: apply the product to a cotton pad and wipe the eyebrow area before coloring.

Instructions for eyebrow correction procedure:
Step 1 - ZOLA eyebrow scrub - a special scrub for the peri-brow  area, which does not injure the skin, but on the contrary removes the keratinized layer and moisturizes the epidermis, due to which the coloring will be more evenly;
Step 2 - ZOLA eyebrow shampoo - cleans the hair from impurities and helps achieve brighter and more stable hair coloring;
Step 3Final stage  - Regenerating ZOLA eyebrow cream, which will help get rid of redness after the eyebrow correction procedure.

Volume: 250 ml
Expiry date : 18 months

Volume: 250 ml