Zola Bubblegum Brow Cleansing Foam, 150 ml

Shampoo foam for eyebrows pink Zola
Gentle shampoo in foam format performs the main functions of preparing the skin before dyeing with paint or henna. The shampoo cleans the skin, degreases and has a bactericidal effect.
The unique composition based on Irish moss provides antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Soft surface-active substances based on plant raw materials with a high molecular structure gently cleanse the skin of decorative cosmetics and sebum. Betaine actively moisturizes and relieves irritation.

Method of use:
Apply foam to the eyebrow area and work this area in circular motions with a cotton swab, brush or finger pads. Wash thoroughly with water.

Volume:  150 ml

Volume: 150 ml