ZOLA Regenerating cream, 20 ml

Regenerating eyebrow cream ZOLA
An absolute novelty on the world market for eyebrow masters!
The cream is intended for quick and reliable help with redness and irritation of the skin. It is recommended to use after eyebrow correction, as well as in any case when it is necessary to soften the skin, remove irritation and redness.

Instructions for the eyebrow correction procedure:
Step 1 - ZOLA eyebrow scrub - a special scrub for the eyebrow area, which does not injure the skin, but on the contrary removes the keratinized layer and moisturizes the epidermis, due to which the coloring will be more uniform;
Step 2 - ZOLA eyebrow shampoo - clean the hair from pollution and will help to achieve brighter and more stable dyeing of hairs;
Step 3 - Degreaser   for ZOLA eyebrows - degrease and moisturize the skin before dyeing, does not contain H2O, the content of special surfactants will ensure uniform dyeing ;
Final stage - regenerating ZOLA eyebrow cream, which will help get rid of redness after the eyebrow correction procedure.

Volume:# nbsp;20 ml.
Expiry date: 18 months

Volume: 20 ml