Komilfo Nail Prep — disinfectant and degreaser for nails, 250 ml

Nika Zemlyanikina
How to use:
after manicure and nail polishing, spray Komilfo Nail Prep on a lint-free tissue or directly on the nail plate and thoroughly wipe the nails with the tissue, as if removing red nail polish.
Next apply an additional dehydrator (if necessary), then a primer.
The liquid has a pleasant peach aroma.
Komilfo Nail Prep  is a professional nail preparation product, a 2-in-1 product (disinfectant and degreaser).
Used for any nail modeling and covering systems.
The product is designed to strengthen the adhesion of natural nails with artificial material, varnish, gel varnish. It is used for disinfection and degreasing of the nails during the preparation of the nail plate for the nail modeling procedure, before covering with gel varnish or varnish, before applying the base material.
Komilfo Nail Prep 500 and 1000 ml have a bottle with a dispenser. For ease of use, we recommend pouring into a 125 ml or 250 ml bottle with a sprayer.

Type: Primer