Komilfo Gel Cleanser — means for removing a sticky layer, 125 ml

How to use:  spray Komilfo Gel Cleanser on a napkin or directly on the nail plate and wipe thoroughly with a napkin, changing it to a clean one for each hand.
Has a light peach aroma.
Komilfo Gel Cleanser  is a professional tool for removing the sticky layer after the polymerization of gel or gel varnish.
This tool provides a mirror-like shine of the gel coating.
A convenient bottle with a sprayer allows the craftsman to have as little contact with the liquid as possible.
It is recommended to use with fiber-free wipes or sponges.
Komilfo Gel Cleanser can also be used to clean gel brushes, UV lamps and reflectors (mirror walls ) inside UV lamps.
Komilfo Gel Cleanser 1000 and 500 ml have a bottle with a dispenser. For ease of use, we recommend pouring into a 125 ml or 250 ml bottle with a sprayer.

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Appointment: To remove the sticky layer

Type: Liquid for removing the sticky layer