Soaking container, 0.5 l.

Container  for disinfection of manicure tools 0.5 l  used for  disinfection and chemical sterilization of tools.< br />This is a container for disinfection solution, inside it has a perforated tray with holes, which you can take out and wash the tools in it with running water. There is a lid on the outside, which, when closed, sinks the tray with instruments to the bottom.
The container is filled with a   solution for disinfection or sterilization, manicure tools and nozzles are immersed in it for a while, according to the methodical instructions.
How to do solution and for how long to immerse the tools, you can find out in the methodical instructions for the tool you use.
Volume: 0.5 l
Overall dimensions: 22x13x7 cm
Inner dimensions of the pallet:  18x7.5x2.5 cm

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