Lashes black LASH& CASH, mix 28 lines, curve M 0.10

28 rows of "Lash & Cash"
Premium quality lashes that allow you to earn more with less time spent!

  • High quality elastic fiber that allows you to form a connection in a matter of seconds in any technique.
  • Saturated black color without bluishness;
  • absence of creases and irregularities;
  • thin and sharp tips ;
  • Scotch tape 2 mm, with the addition of silicone
  • The foil base keeps the worktop clean
  • The tape fits tightly to the eyelashes, which guarantees a reasonable consumption of material
  • High-quality eyelash palette packaging ensures long-term use
  • Uniquely designed L, M curves on a short stem. Universal for all eye types.
  • Curves: C, CC, D, L, M, XL