Lashes dark chocolate LASH& CASH, mix 28 lines, curve M 0.07 SCULPTOR

Eyelashes from 28 lines Lash & Cash is now in dark chocolate!

The color of bitter chocolate looks natural, as it has a noble cold undertone without red and green nuances. An ideal option for girls with a soft type of appearance or a light color type who want to get the most natural result.

28 lines of Lash & Cash is the author's development of Yulia Iskusnyh. The world's first premium eyelash palette that allows you to earn more with less time!


  • quality elastic fiber that allows you to shape communication in a matter of seconds in any technique;
  • rich color of dark chocolate without red and green nuances;
  • absence of creases and irregularities;
  • thin and sharp tips;
  • 2 mm scotch tape, with the addition of silicone;
  • the foil base ensures the cleanliness of the artist's working surface;
  • the tape is densely filled with eyelashes, which guarantees a reasonable consumption of material ;
  • quality packaging of the eyelash palette ensures long-term use;
  • unique designer curves XL, L, M on a short stem;
  • Universal for all eye types.< /li>