Glue for eyelash extensions Gold, setting time 0.5 sec., 5ml, SCULPTOR

Quick glue for high-quality extensions. SCULPTOR GOLD eyelash glue is the gold standard for artists who work in voluminous techniques. With the help of this drug, the lash maker will be able to perform high-quality extensions, which will be worn for a very long time - up to 7-8 weeks.
Since the tool is set in 0.5 seconds, the speed of the procedure will increase.
If you planbuy eyelash extension glue in the heat, GOLD will be the best solution.
The peculiarity of this drug is that its adhesion does not deteriorate in the summer. The presented fast eyelash glue from SCULPTOR works perfectly at a temperature of +18 to +26°С and air humidity of 40-70%, due to which it is in high demand among lash-masters.
To appreciate all the advantages of the product, it is very important to correctly keep it.
The vial must be kept away from sunlight in a dark, cool place.
GOLD elastic black extension glue should be used within 45 days after opening.
The shelf life of the drug is 9 months from the date of manufacture.

Volume: 5 ml

Type: Glue for eyelash extensions