Glue for eyelash extensions DIAMOND, setting time 0.3 - 0.5 sec., 5ml, SCULPTOR

Like the most precious diamonds, this glue easily supports voluminous lashes.  SCULPTOR DIAMOND is a fastglue for eyelash extensions, which sets within 0.3-0.5 seconds.
With its help, the lashmaker can create any necessary effect on the client's eyes - classic, 2-3D or mega-volume. This preparation is excellent for extensions using ready-made bundles and allows you to perform the procedure quickly.
Professional eyelash glue DIAMOND works perfectly regardless of the season, ensuring a stable and long-term fixation of the artificial material on the natural hairs of the client - up to 6-7 weeks
The drug acts maximally effectively at air humidity of 40-60% and temperature from +18 to +24°С. The elastic agent has a black color and is characterized by a liquid consistency, which simplifies its application.
SCULPTOR DIAMOND black eyelash glue should be protected from direct sunlight and stored in a dark, cool place.
The shelf life of the drug is 9 months from the date of manufacture, and 45 days from the moment the bottle is opened.

Volume: 5 ml

Type: Glue for eyelash extensions