Is it mandatory for a modern lash maker to use eyelash primer before extensions? Definitely yes, if the master wants to please his clients with high-quality performance of the procedure!
Strawberry flavored primer from SCULPTOR provides stable adhesion of artificial material to natural hairs. The drug will help the master to make a high-class build-up, enhancing the effect of the glue.
The term of wearing artificial eyelashes will be significantly longer, as the primer significantly improves adhesion.
The product, which should be used after the degreaser, will qualitatively prepare the hairs for the extension procedure.
The primer contains special components for quick drying, so with its help, the master will easily speed up his work.
Strawberry is characterized by a sweet strawberry aroma, which makes it even more pleasant to use.
The shelf life of eyelash primer is 2 years, from the moment the bottle is opened - 2 months.

Volume: 15 ml

Type: Primer