STRAWBERRY cream remover, 15ml tube, SCULPTOR

Remover for removing eyelash extensions  BANANA is a hypoallergenic cream that performs the function of fast and careful dissolution of glue.
Thanks to its safe composition, the drug works gently but effectively, making the procedure as comfortable as possible for female lashmaker clients.
Cream remover SCULPTOR is also very convenient to work and economical to use - its consumption is 30% lower than that of products with a liquid consistency.
Using means for removing glue from eyelashes in a tube is as hygienic and comfortable as possible. The package is reliably protected from the ingress of air and microorganisms, thanks to which the cream remover is stored for a long time.
The product has a pleasant aroma of banana, as well as a characteristic yellowish shade, thanks to which it is clearly visible on the eyelashes.
The cream dissolves the glue of everything in 3-4 minutes, so the removal process does not take much time for either the master or the client.

Volume: 15 ml

Type: Remover