Kira Nails Acryl Gel Glamor 01, 30 g

Kira Nails

Kira Nails Acryl Gel Glamor 01 – material for professional extension and strengthening of nails. This is a product that combines the elasticity of gel and the strength of acrylic, while eliminating the disadvantages of both. Viscous paste-like consistency, convenient to work with. During application, the acrylic-gel easily responds to the movements of the brush, does not flow onto the side ridges, thanks to its plasticity, it allows you to distribute the material and create the architecture of the nail without haste.

Acrylic-gel Kira Nails can be used to strengthen the natural nail plate - especially suitable for thin, weak nails prone to frequent peeling and splitting. In the process of sawing, the material does not leave fine dust and easily lends itself to the formation of an ideal free edge. The palette of acrylic gels includes the most popular and universal shades: from transparent to pink with shimmer.


  1. Carry out the standard preparation of the nail: remove the previous coating, remove the cuticle, buff the surface and give the desired shape to the nails. After that, it is recommended to clean the nail plate with a disinfectant and degreaser.
  2. Apply an acid primer to the nail plate and let it dry for 2 minutes.
  3. Take the extension forms, push them under the nail plate, fix them. You can not use forms for extension, but immediately model the nail.
  4. You can use a pusher or a brush to collect the required amount of Acryl Gel. Apply acrylic-gel with an acrylic or gel brush heavily dipped in cleanser.
  5. Clamp the arch using a clamp if necessary.
  6. Dry the nail in the lamp. In a UV lamp with compression of the arch - 1 minute, then press the arch and dry another 1 minute. Without pressing - 2 minutes. In the LED lamp and hybrid lamps - 60 seconds.
  7. Do the sanding, shape with a soft saw of 150 or 180 grit.
  8. Cover with a top coat for gel polish or apply colored gel polish, dry and then top coat.
  9. Acryl Gel can be removed both with a milling machine and by soaking with a gel polish remover.

Color: Glamor 01

Type: Acrylic gel