DNKa' Builder Gel #0003 Icon


DNKa' Builder Gel is a versatile and easy-to-use modeling gel. Low-temperature, medium consistency, therefore evenly distributed and self-leveling. It is used in single-phase and three-phase systems. The gel allows you to create a strong coating, build the correct architecture and work without dust. Perfectly holds the arch and does not deform. Suitable for extensions on lower forms, extensions in the technique without/with minimal sawdust, correction of extensions, modeling of the nail plate and strengthening of nails.

Technology of application
< ul>1) Carry out the standard preparation of the nail: remove the previous coating, buff the surface, give the nails the desired shape and perform the manicure.2) Apply DNKa' Ultrabond - an acid-free primer for additional adhesion.3) Apply a layer of DNKa' Rubber / Fiber Base with rubbing movements. Polymerize in a UV lamp - 1 min., LED / hybrid lamp - 30 seconds.4) Cut and place the extension form under the natural nail.5) Apply the selected DNKa gel ' with a thin, simulating free edge layer and dry it in a UV lamp – 90 sec, in a Led/hybrid lamp – 60 sec.6) File the extended free edge of the nail and degrease with a degreaser.< /li>7) Apply the selected gel with an even layer and dry it in the lamp - 10 seconds. After that, clamp the arch of the extended nail and dry it in the UV lamp - 90 sec, in the Led/hybrid lamp - 60 sec.8) Apply the DNKa' top coat and dry it in the UV lamp - 90 sec, in Led/hybrid lamp - 60 sec.

Color: Pink

Volume: 30 ml