Gel polish ARPIKS 006 8 ml

Nail Apex

                ARPIKS gel varnish is really high quality!

The consistency ensures comfortable application , ARPIKS gel varnish is not liquid - it does not spread.

;">Working with these gel polishes is really convenient.

Highly pigmented  and at the same time perfectly  dries  in a UV/LED lamp.

Can be applied in one layer.

How it works:

1. prepare the nails in the standard way.

2. apply the base, dry it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Apply a thin layer of ARPIKS gel polish, give it literally a second to spread and dry in the lamp for at least 1 minute (the time depends on the type and power of the lamp).

4. Apply second layer of ARPIKS gel varnish (if necessary). Again - a second to distribute and dry in the same way as the first layer.

5. Apply the top, dry it according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Volume: 8 ml

Type: Gel polish