Komilfo Cover Base - camouflage base-corrector for gel polish, 15 ml

Komilfo Cover Base is a unique camouflaging  base-corrector for gel polish that not only aligns the nail plate, but also camouflages and lengthens the nail bed under the French coat and masks all the imperfections of the nail under a colored coating without compromising durability.

The Komilfo camouflage base does not differ from the transparent one in terms of its properties and application technology. It can be applied both in a thin layer (according to the classic technology) and by the drop method (according to the technique of strengthening the nails and leveling the nail plate). If you apply it in a thin layer, it will be almost transparent and will not give a camouflage effect. Therefore, this camouflaging base is recommended specifically for the drop method of application. Camouflage  Komilfo corrector base also makes it possible to grow broken nail corners or nails up to 1 mm.

The base can also be filed like a gel, giving the desired shape.

  • camouflage. Why do you need a camouflaging  base-corrector?
— it is more convenient to align the nail plate, because irregularities and shape are better visible;
is an indispensable base for French manicure. You will be able to lengthen the nail bed, and at the same time there will be a very smooth transition near the cuticle, as in the case of nail extensions;
— when covering with gel varnish on top of a camouflage base with leveling, even a loose color will be enough 2 layers.
  • resistant - the improved formula of the base ensures the stability of any gel polish for up to 21 days, prevents peeling and chipping. In durability, the camouflaging base is not inferior to the transparent base;
  • thick- the gel base can be used as a biogel, it gives the opportunity to build up broken corners of the nail or a nail up to 1 mm;
  • leveling- corrector base allows you to straighten the nail plate, make the perfect shape of the nail before covering it with French or colored gel polish. Thanks to the camouflage beige-pink color, it is better visible when performing the drip method. It can also be sanded before gel polish;
  • strengthening  - the texture of the base allows not only to align the nail plate, but also to strengthen the nails. Before applying the colored varnish, you can remove the sticky layer for a better interaction of the gel varnish with the nail plate.

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Volume: 15 ml

Base type: Cover Base

Type: Base