Nail Apex Milk base "Milk Base Gel", 15 ml

Nail Apex
Milk Base Nailapex has conquered the hearts of many masters and customers.

The base is designed to cover natural nails.

Advantages of Milk Base:
-pleasant milk shade;
-rubber base;
-time spent on milk design is reduced;
-easy to apply;
-does not require covering with gel polish;
-does not require a transparent base;
-medium density;
-medium stiffness, does not give the effect of shrinkage; -self-leveling;
-suitable for all types of nail plate;

If your light gel polish is applied in stripes, apply any milk base before it and you will be surprised how easy it is to work with it now.

Color: lactic

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Volume: 15 ml

Base type: Milk Base

Type: Base