Fiber Base Nika Zemlyanikina Cover, 15 ml

Nika Zemlyanikina
Fiber Base NIKA ZEMLYANIKINA  is a reinforcing base coating for nails. A plastic base with the smallest fiber in the composition creates a strong framework for weak, brittle nails. The base is removed both by milling and soaking. The composition includes nylon fibers that are almost invisible, the base is self-leveling, convenient for use by masters of any level.
TM  Nika Zemlyanikina is 7-free

Technology of Nika bozo coating application Zemlyanikina
1. Prepare the natural plate with a soft buff, with the help of a degreaser and a disinfectant, treat the surface of the nail.
2. Apply a primer (acidic or acid-free, depending on the type of natural plate).
Cover with Nika Zemlyanikina rubber base, dry in a lamp for the recommended time.
3. Make a coating with colored gel varnish or solid material, dry in a  lamp for 30-60 seconds.
4. Apply Nika Zemlyanikina top and  dry in a  lamp, if the top has a  sticky layer, we recommend removing the stickiness with ultra gloss.
5. Apply cuticle oil.

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Volume: 15 ml

Base type: Fiber Base

Density: Dense

Type: Base