Komilfo No Wipe No UV Top - a top for gel polish without a sticky layer WITHOUT UV filters, 15 ml

Komilfo Top Coat gel polish is a gel polish fixer WITHOUT sticky layer, NO UV filters

The top does not contain UV filters, designed not to turn blue on black. Also, it does not distort the shade of gel polish. The difference between a top without UV filters and a top without UV filters is in their purpose. The top without LSH is great for light French shades, protecting them from yellowing from the sun. The top without UV filters is perfect for black that won't turn blue.

Finish without a sticky layer NO UV filters for dark shades! Crystal transparent top that does not change the shades of gel polishes.

Ideal for black, red shades, thermal gel polishes and neon gel polishes. Gives stable shine and brightness of gel polishes. Provides protection of the color coating from chips, cracks, scratches, color fading and color clouding, provides additional strength of the gel polish.

The top does not crack and does not lose its shine during long wear! It is necessary to dry the top for 90 seconds. in LED and hybrid lamps. In UV - the maximum amount of time.

! For white, French, light shades, it is recommended to use a top with UV filters.

  • stable- thanks to the improved formula, the top reliably protects the colored gel polish from external factors, reliably preserves the brightness of the color and prevents chipping and peeling;
  • no sticky layer- no need to remove the sticky layer, which simplifies coating and saves time;
  • does not turn yellow
  • strong>— does not turn yellow with long-term use;
  • not thick- lays gently and evenly on the nail plate in a thin layer, does not spread.

Color: transparent

Manufacturer: Ukraine

Volume: 15 ml

Type of top: No sticky layer, no UV filter