Straight metal file (base) EXPERT 20

Straight metal file (base) EXPERT 20 MBE-20 is designed for professional use, is characterized by high strength, long service life and excellent corrosion resistance (material - medical stainless steel alloyed with chrome).
The classic straight shape with rounded ends is very it is convenient to work, and the ability to change disposable abrasive stickers after each client minimizes the risk of transmitting dangerous infections and allows you to select files of optimal hardness for different tasks and types of nails. -mam). Pap-mAm Glueless replacement files are put on the metal base as a cover, completely covering it from both sides and ends.
After use, the metal base can be subjected to mechanical cleaning, soaked in a solution. to disinfect manicure accessories, sterilized in a dry oven or autoclave - the operational properties of the tool are not affected by properly performed processing.
Professional processing metal file EXPERT 20 MBE-20 - the key to high-quality and safe manicure!

Type: Saw