Saw metal crescent (base) EXPERT 40

The metal half-moon file (base) EXPERT 40 is distinguished by a convenient ergonomic shape (wide in the center and narrowed to the ends), corrosion resistance and excellent operational qualities, which allow you to use it for many months and years in the conditions of a manicure salon.

The base, made of durable stainless steel, is used in a set with replaceable disposable files: after each client, the abrasive file must be replaced, and the saw is subjected to antiseptic treatment - soaking in a disinfectant solution, sterilization in a dry oven or autoclave. The smoothly polished steel base undergoes all stages of antiseptic treatment without loss of strength.

The type and degree of abrasiveness of the file is selected depending on the specific task facing the craftsman, and the crescent saw EXPERT 40 MBE-40 is used repeatedly and stored together with other manicure tools, preferably in a protective case that extends the service life.

Type: Saw