Gel polish GLOSS 149 (cream-beige), 5 ml

Gel polish GLOSS 149 (cream-beige) in an affordable volume of 5 ml:

  • highly pigmented and dense;
  • allows you to apply one layer of colored coating;
  • is evenly distributed over the surface of the nail plate;
  • has an optimal consistency;
  • no fills the cuticle;
  • a soft flat brush provides comfortable application;
  • has a pleasant aroma.
This is an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with GLOSS gel polishes and the optimal solution for masters who want to try new shades.
But be careful, because even one mini bottle from GLOSS can make you fall in love at first sight and forever!

Color: Beige (nude)

Volume: 5 ml

Collection: Pastel

Type: Gel polish