Color base GLOSS Color Base Gel Louisiana, 11 ml

completely new product for manicurists from GLOSS – color base Color Base Gel "Louisiana" in a currant shade.

  • ideal product for self coating, because it has high-quality saturated pigment;
  • thanks to the perfect consistency, the base is easy to work with and does not spread;
  • the material is resistant to chipping and other damage;
  • is a good basis for further nail design.
How to work with Color Base Gel:
  1. Apply the first layer thinly, with rubbing movements.
  2. Apply a denser second layer.
  3. Dry well in a lamp and apply a finishing coat. We recommend GLOSS Non Wipe top without a sticky layer, which will preserve the color coverage and color saturation as much as possible.
Polymerization time:
UV lamp - 30 sec
LED lamp - 60 sec

Base type: Color Base