ZOLA Eyebrow ruler with rubber band

Brow Ruler with Zola Elastic Band
An improved eyebrow ruler! Exclusive author's form! An excellent assistant in working with eyebrows! Helps to measure horizontal and vertical asymmetry.
A transparent curved ruler for eyebrows with markings simplifies and speeds up the process of modeling eyebrows. This is a necessary thing for every girl who wants to achieve perfect symmetry and shape. The eyebrow ruler is made of high-quality flexible material and supplemented with a special rubber band. Thanks to this, the need to hold the product during the entire modeling process disappears and both hands are freed.

How to use an eyebrow ruler?
Using traditional methods, we determine the beginning, bend and end points of the eyebrows. we make marks pencil, we also use a ruler to determine the thickness of the eyebrows, build the shape.